NORDEN - the nordic arts festival


Note on advance ticket sales
Our festival is now a few weeks back and we would like to thank you for the many positive emails and your feedback. The survey has been evaluated and many of your ideas will be incorporated into the 4th edition of the festival.
From 9.9.21 we have installed a new festival online store, which is linked to our homepage. Numerous tickets have already been sold. Unfortunately, the changeover to the online store did not go as smoothly as we had hoped and you had to wait for your tickets in print-at-home format. We apologize for this delay. Now the store should run smoothly. If you still have problems, please write us at
That was Norden Festival 2021
The third NORDEN Festival in Schleswig ended with an emotional final concert by Hamburg pianist Niklas Paschburg. Over 300 participating artists and exhibitors from the northern European region spoiled the visitors with a variety of cultural offerings over three weekends. At concerts and readings there were several German premieres to celebrate. Around 28,000 visitors attended the festival on at least one of the twelve event days, 10,000 tickets were sold. 10% of the visitors used the test center in front of our ticket booth, not a single positive Corona case was registered.
NORDEN - the nordic arts festival
Königswiesen, 24837 Schleswig